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Selling Your Home With Five Lakes Real Estate

Know The Facts And Get What You Deserve!

Five Lakes Real Estate has been helping people sell their homes and properties throughout Michigan since 1994. We are an integrity-based and compassionate team of highly professional Realtors who will thoughtfully and thoroughly guide you through every part of the selling process.

Your lifestyle and priorities can change at any time, whether it’s a change of income, having children, or sending them off to college. No matter the reason for selling, we will work hard to ensure your home is sold at the price you deserve, to the right people.

Home Appraisals & Inspections

If you are considering selling your home, the first thing to do is call a trusted Real Estate Agent and have your home appraised and inspected. Knowing what (if any) challenges you’ll face, things you may need to fix, and determining the listing price is paramount to your success. We are fully equipped and certified to perform these appraisals and inspections to then help you form a plan of action to get the best price on your home.

Free Market Analysis

When considering selling your home or property, make sure you know when will be best to do so. We are happy to share our insights to get you the best deal on your real estate sale.

Home & Property Seller FAQs

Q: How much money should I list my house for?
A: Contact one of our certified Realtors to appraise your home’s value to ensure you are listing the proper and deserved price.

Q: How do I get my home or property listed for potential buyers to see?
A: Real estate agencies like ours have sole access to local and specified MLS listing services that provide amazing visibility for your home/property for sale.

Q: Should I do repairs, or leave that to the next owners?
A: Most contracts require the seller to perform major repairs, but it is important to understand your specific obligations upon sale completion. Five Lakes Real Estate will always make sure you’re completely informed.

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